We work with local communities in more than 15 cities across 5 continents to bridge the growing global innovation divide. We are working to optimize entrepreneurial intentions in order to create sustainable, needed innovations to help local economies grow and prosper.

It is time to encourage entrepreneurs to create truly impactful innovation that can better serve their communities in a sustainable way. Creating access to a better life is different from region to region: safer living environments, access to potable water, affordable health care, improved transportation systems, and education.

Our flagship hackathons are focused on specific challenges related to Design & Technology, Education, and Healthcare. We help launch innovative companies and prepare them to attract investment due to their sustainable approach and potential to solve keys issues. We envision an open landscape where citizens utilize a bottom-up approach to source and adopt the best technologies to address local needs, become emerging entrepreneurs and create impactful innovation. By doing so, we help create access to a better life and help local economies become sustainable while relying on bottom-up citizen engagement. This is how we aim to effect global change.

We support self improvement and personal growth by creating opportunities to work in teams and use creative, critical thinking to solve problems. Communities will not only be able to attract more capital and find innovative solutions, their economies will experience the long-term benefits of having a population that’s not afraid to fail, willing to take risks, and able to see and take action on opportunities.

Hack for Big Choices has a built-in network of highly qualified mentors, advisors, coaches, and experienced entrepreneurs. Our major competitive strength is this built-in network combined with our methodology of creating an infrastructure around entrepreneurs focused on solving world-changing issues. We take the training curriculum of our programs and infuse them with the best teachers that have real world experience as entrepreneurs and have been through the trials of building a startup business. Our teachers provide invaluable perspective and guidance to our program participants in helping to develop their business ideas. It is in this way that we have built a successful program that brings in a continuous stream of quality instructors and mentors.

The participants of our programs are focused on finding solutions to world-changing problems that we identified such as: food safety, education in remote areas, car driving safety, metabolism syndrome. These problems have been selected as key issues that require immediate solutions in order to improve Millions of people’s lives and have long-term social and financial positive impact.

We work closely with national and international organizations in the public and private sector to ensure successful implementation of projects. We build partnerships between the private and public sectors by leveraging our network and expanding it, such as new partnerships with the Ministry of Innovation of Columbia and Mexico. We are continuously making in-roads and contacts with relevant political and business figures that can assist in pushing forward our agenda and help build the infrastructure needed to train new and existing entrepreneurs.

While collaborating with universities  to provide better education and entrepreneurial opportunities for their students, we work with innovation hubs to turn entrepreneurs into innovators and turn knowledge into opportunity.. Hack for big choices’s network includes top world thought leaders and cutting edge companies that collaborate with us sharing their expertise and resources with emerging entrepreneurs.


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