Issue Areas

We identify world issue areas related to: design & technology, healthcare, and education. Each of them contain a specific list of challenges that have been selected as key issues that require immediate solutions in order to improve Millions of people’s lives and have long-term social and financial positive impact. In fact, most of the problems we are tackling are also part of the United Nations agenda to eradicate poverty by 2030. We are aligned with this mission and, along with other international organizations, committed to meeting the UN's eight millennial goals.

These challenges are the same that participants will be focused on during the hackathons. Creating access to a better life is different from region to region: safer living environments, access to potable water, affordable health care, improved transportation systems, and education. For this reasons we guide participants on finding solutions that can be executed locally and continued to be developed after the hackathon.

Watch Geppy Parziale, producer of the Design & Technology track, explaining the challenges.

Watch Rahman Johnson and Stefan Broda, producers of the Healthcare track, explaining the challenges.

Watch Eva Diaz, producer of the Education track, explaining the challenges.