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AeroCenso. This project resolved the count of people in congested areas with real time video transmission, using cameras on buildings, drones, etc. Is possible generate alerts when a defined number of people is exceeded in a specific area, with these data can take decisions for prevention and apply successful actions. It can be [...]


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Between 2011 and 2013, 5.1 million of Colombians were undernourished. By 2015 according to de Millennium Development Goals MDG, this number should be 3.4 million, it means that by next year, there should be 1.7 million people out of this statics. It means that Colombian society should do in 2 [...]


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We are inspired in the more than 10.000 children that get tired for have to walk more than 30 minutes to go to school and go back home every day. We also want to create a new life style with healthy habits using the mobility with environmental responsibility. Implementing a [...]